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From Happy Clients

I am not perfect, but I always strive to deliver the best possible services. These are testimonials from some of my clients who are pleased with my social media management services and are ready to give such good feedbacks.

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Thanks In Advance?

Apolline’s sweet spirit and willingness to learn new systems totally won my heart! She took to my Twitter like a fish to water and grew my following from 3,000 to 8,000 organically within a few months! She also quickly picked up MeetEdgar and was able to add a massive amount of content into it quickly, so it’s constantly circulating on my channels. I highly recommend her for growing your Twitter following and helping you get your social media content circulating to up your visibility!

Michelle Lewis

Visibility Expert | Podcast Host | Course Creator, VisibilityVixen®

It is rare that you come across a competent professional like Apolline and she goes the extra mile to make sure the client fully comprehend the work and materials. As we hit the trenches to build a whole whack of skills and grow my business. Apolline helped me personally in some areas, just off the top of my head; cold email tactics/strategies, outsourcing routine tasks to my VA, and a bunch of web-based tools to help me build my business (that I did not even know existed!). Apolline helped me navigate the world of digital marketing, landing pages, squeeze pages and FB ads.

Thanks to her, I understand these better and can use them as needed. Working with Apolline has been awesome. She has contributed a lot of her knowledge on marketing automation and growth to the community. She always has the interest to take on new ways to break through barriers, and you can rely on her to get you to an “aha” moment by looking at problems in a different way. It was a pleasure to working with her. Apolline is very thorough and keeps the user end goal in mind when setting up systems. I highly recommend her.

Peter Broström

C-Suite Business Consultant , Costrad

I found Apolline from Simple Social through a referral, and I discovered that she is enthusiastic and confident. It is refreshing working with her, and my photography business is thriving due to her talents, and genuinely wanting the best for my firm. I am so impressed with her fresh and innovative ideas that I wouldn’t hesitate recommending her to any business owner like myself wanting to explore the use of social media to promote their business.

Anders Jorulf

Award Winning Professional Landscape Photographer , Anders Jorulf Photography

I was lost, discouraged and felt defeated at the thought of social media. It was evident to me that leveraging social media was unavoidable and a must to establish and grow my business, but I had no clue where to start and what to do. The more I researched and saw others using different channels, the more complex and demanding it appeared me.

And then, I met Apolline! She helped me clarify which social media I needed to master for MY business and most of all showed me the tips and tricks to automate most of the work! She was able to give me a step by step strategy to manage my presence online with a fraction of the time I initially thought it would take me! My following has doubled in less than one month thanks to her advice! For any entrepreneur overwhelmed by social media: you need Appoline in your team! Thank you again for your help with my social media! You have no idea how you helped me!

Elizenda Jean-Claude

CEO Founder , Launch to Scale

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