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Hello & Welcome!

I am Apolline Adiju, Founder, and Owner of Simple Social By Apolline Adiju, with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden I offer affordable and personalized Social Media Management services to businesses in Sweden & worldwide (Remote)

Who I Am

I am a full-time work at home mom, and I do Social Media Marketing Management for Small / Medium Sized Businesses and Busy Entrepreneurs. Even though I am an introvert, I am a passionate, and conversational fuel for ALL your social media management needs. My customers say I am a Twitter Expert as I excel in this area and grow, manage and increase traffic to your website while increasing your revenue and sales using the Inbound Methodology.

I love working with BUSY entrepreneurs! I am a busy entrepreneur too and can relate to the troubles they go through, wearing several HATS while struggling to stay afloat and manage their business at the same time. During my recent interview with Sendible, I dived deep into more details about using social media to grow your business online.



I left my corporate job in Cameroon (I was working for MTN Cameroon) and moved to Germany. My job was a decent one, and the pay was good but compared to the international standard, it was tiny.

So I moved to Germany to make a fresh start.

It was not easy at the beginning because I had to learn the language. Hmmm, I am already fluent in English and French so learning a third language was going to be a problem.

I had no choice, and I dived into it. It took me a year to be able to write and speak it fluently.
After that, I had to look for a job, and you can imagine how difficult it will be for a foreigner who still speaks the language with an accent.
It was a difficult time, but I stayed positive all the time. I did not want to take the menial jobs I was offered since I knew that I could do more. I have a
  • Bachelor Degree In Business Management,
  • A Diploma In Import & Export Management,
  • Have more than 10 years working experience in the corporate world (several levels)
  • Have a 5-year experience as an entrepreneur and online marketer,
  • I speak 3 International Languages Fluently and currently learning the fourth,
  • I am Hubspot Inbound Certified
  • And I have taken more than 20 courses so far, mostly paid ones and a few free ones.
  • They range from Facebook Advertisement, Pinterest Marketing, Twitter Marketing, Instagram Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing…wow should I continue because there are lots of them!


 Due to this struggle, I turned to the internet to get an international or remote job. I stumbled on Network Marketing and loved it at the beginning. But due to my introverted nature, I knew that it would not be the best for me.

During this time, I realized that many of my internet marketing friends looked up to me for social media help.These included:

  • Setting up their profiles,
  • Creating content to post on them and engaging with their audience,
  • Growing their social media accounts,
  • Teaching them how to approach people without being too “salesy” (I had to learn the hard way due to network marketing),
  • Creating and managing their email marketing sequences and so much more.
  • Setting and managing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin Ads.
I found myself taking care of my business ( internet marketing then) and social media management for some fellow entrepreneurs for Free.
By then I did not know that it was possible to charge for the work done.
Note: Taking all of these courses which I mentioned above was to improve my skills in marketing myself and my business and how to approach prospects.
I did not think for once that these skills could help me in any different way.
My knack for taking limited information from friends and business colleagues and creating a comprehensive social media strategy led to an increase in demand for my services.
A close friend of mine advised me to charge them! Charge them!? How do I price that? What is it even called?
I got curious and decided to search online for pricing options.


While ravaging the internet to get ideas, and that is when I stumbled on Social Media Manager Pro and Social Media Manager School. I was so amazed that I had been offering my services for free when I could have made a fortune during that period.
I enrolled in Social Media Manager Pro, and since then everything has changed. Their team is robust and excellent, and I am getting so much value from the course and the community on Facebook.
Socia Media Management has become lucrative to get more customers (without spending much money)  It is a pity that many entrepreneurs and companies with good business strategies have little or no plan on how to maximize it and get more fans and clients.


This is the reason why I founded Simple Social By Apolline Adiju.


It is a company founded with ideas from entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs!

I create social media marketing strategies for busy entrepreneurs and companies, help manage their accounts, email campaigns, create social media Ads and manage their reputation online. I also assist in training your teams ( for those who have a team or VAs and need weekly training on how to manage their social media.)


NB: There will be no Simple Social By Apolline Adiju if I did not have ideas and working with entrepreneurs to know what they go through daily to grow their business.

Apolline Adiju

Apolline Adiju

Founder & CEO

My Stats

  • Social Media Management 96%
  • Social Media Audit/ Training 89%
  • Content Marketing 96%
  • Social Media Advertisement 70%
  • Reputation Management 90%

What I Can Do For You & Your Team.


Create a personalized social media marketing strategy designed to execute your business’s goals.


Develop, maintain, and grow social media communities on multiple social platforms.


Optimize your online social profiles to maximize your professional online appearance and solidify its accountability


Monitor your online reputation and make sure any negative feedback becomes a positive experience


Research, write, and package valuable and relevant content for your audience


Execute powerful email marketing campaigns to gain your business loyal fans and buyers


Foster real relationships with your fans and followers and consistently give them personalized attention.


Train your team ( in-house) on how to manage and execute your social media marketing.

Do You Have Questions About Social Media Marketing Or Wish To Collaborate With Me?

Don't be shy! Be open and tell us how best we can serve you and your business.

Let`s Get Started

Apolline Adiju

“Social media will help you build up the loyalty of your current customers to the point that they will willingly, and for free, recommend you to others.”

© 2017 Simple Social By Apolline Adiju

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