Audit & Training

Are you ready to learn how to effectively
do your OWN social media marketing
or train your In-House social media managers?

All over the world, people are making buying decisions because of social media.  Even if your company isn’t on social yet, people are still talking about you and your business.  The world has changed, and Social Media is here to stay.

Our Custom Inhouse Trainings & Audit include


General audit of your current in-house strategy


Train your employees on how to organize their time and use the tactics that are most effective


How to set up tracking to know your ROI and determine what’s working and what’s not working


Weekly calls and training sessions for your employees to ensure that they are on the right track


In-depth check of your social media profiles and how to optimize them


How to expand your organic reach on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest and more.


Editable daily checklists, templates, and training on how to use some favorite tools


Steps on how to create successful social media Ads

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In-house Social Media Marketing Audit & Training For Your Team

Give your team the best training to better represent your company

Advantages of In-house Social Media Marketing Training

Social Media Optimisation

You’ll learn how to use social media to reach your potential clients effectively

Cost Effective

We’ll train your team, and they will do the work as opposed to you employing us to do the job.

Content Creation Strategy

How to analyse and create content that your audience want and are ready to digest.

Reputation Management Strategy

We will review your crisis management strategy and help create an action plan

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