1. How long will it take to see results from social media marketing?


Social media marketing is not a short-term solution, it is a long term investment. Because of this, I set the expectation that it will take a minimum of 3 months before consistent results occur. This explains why ALL of our contracts are ateast 3 months each.

But that varies depending on your industry type. A retail company selling €20 products will convert faster than a private education program that sells €1000 courses.

It takes time to build relationships based on trust and credibility with online audiences before leads turn into sales.


2. What’s the deal with social media and ROI?


There is no cookie-cutter formula to get magical ROI returns. It takes time, momentum and testing to maximize ROI.

Here’s an excellent video by Gary Vaynerchuk explaining social media and ROI.

If you want to understand the relationship between social media and ROI in 10 minutes, I HIGHLY recommend this video.

It is required “reading” for all my clients and they love it! It imparts the “ah-hah” moment, and they have a better grasp on what social media marketing is.


3. Who is Simple Social By Apolline Adiju and why do I have to give them total control of my social networks?


Simple Social By Apolline Adiju is the corporate name for the agency.

The request for total control is to maintain a consistent voice across all social platforms, and ensure there is no confusion in the content shared with the audience.

To build relationships, your fans/followers must feel that they’re interacting in an authentic way, and therefore the “voice” must remain the same.

This does not mean you aren’t involved, can’t ask questions, or remove an update if it doesn’t abide with your brand.

But it is impossible to be consistent if multiple people are updating the accounts, and we won’t take responsibility for actions taken by anyone but our team.



4. How can we trust you to represent our brand correctly?


Great question! As skilled social media professionals, it’s necessary to become knowledgable in any industry we serve so that content creation comes from a natural place.

There is an intensive learning process coupled with questionnaires and meetings for new clients to explain the industry and ensure we get an accurate feel for your brand.

“Putting on the name” is complete within the first two months of service. This is a standard transitional part of hiring a social media agency or professional.


5. What is the protocol if you post something we don’t agree with?


Clients have total power to delete a post if a piece of content does not agree with the brand or culture.


6. What is the estimated response time for our social media communities?


We strive to reply in real time in social media communities. We can give accounts 24/7 attention.


7. How do you deal with negative feedback or commentary?


Call us odd, but we see negative feedback as a fantastic opportunity to turn someone into a very loyal fan or follower.

Research consistently shows that some of the most loyal fans come from a negative experience handled in a positive way.

Learn more about that philosophy, “Why I Love Negative Feedback And How To Handle It.



8. Why do you post information that has nothing to do with our brand?


Social media platforms don’t exist solely as channels for businesses to promote products and services from, nor is that the marketing philosophy of Simple Social.

The social media community is about giving, and if a brand isn’t catering to the audience, then it will not be successful.

This practice includes the 80/20 rule. We share 80% of content deemed valuable to the target audience, and promote 20% of the time.

Learn more on that, “Social Media Marketing Success: Put Yourself in the Shoes of the Consumer.”


9. Do we need to be concerned about privacy issues with online visibility?

Not at all! You should be more concerned about NOT being online.

If your business isn’t actively participating online, then you give free reign to individuals and communities on the Internet to make assumptions about your business, brand, and philosophies.

Social media offers businesses the opportunity to act instead of reacting.


10. Social media seems expensive! Why?


Hiring a social media agency or strategist is an investment in your business.

Why would you want to put the integrity of your business in the hands of anyone who isn’t experienced, educated, and knowledgeable about representing your brand professionally and consistently?

The reputation of your brand is worth it.

We quote our prizes at a monthly rate, but you may also consider on a weekly/daily/hourly manner.

Social media is not merely posting to social platforms. To be successful, specialists spend a lot of time planning, strategizing, creating, implementing and testing in the background.



11. What are the “3 Core Strategies” and why do I need them?


If you asked this question – you’re already ahead of the pack!

Social media marketing is only part of the marketing process, and although it can be successful on its own, the power exponentiates with blogging and email marketing.

Blogging gives businesses a platform to share its vision, news, talent and personality without the confusion of other things around it. Unlike reading the drip flow of tweets on Twitter, a blog requires singular attention.

Email marketing is the best way to reach and grow your audience. It is the ONLY direct channel to your audience that you own, and regardless of what updates any social platforms makes, that fact will remain the same.


12. Does Simple Social By Apolline Adiju outsource social media marketing to freelancers?


Never. The integrity of my business is of utmost importance. Therefore, any social media professionals on my team have been screened, trained or already work at my level of expectation.

To ensure that our time and attention is focused in the right areas, there are times we hire freelancers for small projects, like design elements.

Regardless, I take full responsibility for their work and am extremely selective about who we hire. You can rest assured that I only surround myself with the best, personally and professionally.


13. Please explain the 3-months commitment.


3It takes a minimum of months to generate consistent growth and ROI. Although results vary depending on industry type, it is best to set that expectation up front.

However, we give both parties the option to discontinue services at any time with a 30-day notice.
Simple Social By Apolline Adiju is not for businesses who aren’t ready to commit to social media marketing.

We take the pressure off of you from having to learn, implement and maintain social media marketing so that you can focus on your business.

But a successful working relationship requires active participation from both parties. It’s difficult to be efficient if clients don’t abide by their end of the commitment.

We reflect an effort to attract serious customers who are ready to put social media marketing to work for their business or personal brands.

We love social media marketing & management and want to give our clients the VERY best! This occurs when everyone is working towards the same goal.

If this is you, don’t hesitate to contact Apolline now! If you aren’t sure, schedule an appointment to learn more.